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An Addy Mold Appreciation Post

I have literally nothing to post, so today on AGDN I decided to appreciate one of my favorite face molds- the Addy mold!

My first doll with the Addy mold was Addy herself, who I renamed Beth because at the time I got her, I didn't really like the name Addy. If I got her now, I'd keep her name, but Beth stuck with this particular doll.

My only doll with the medium Addy mold is Truly Me 26, who I named May. May is so adorable and I love her curly hair, unique eyes and rare medium Addy mold!

On day 1 of the 2017 Benefit Sale, I picked up a beautiful Truly Me 31 who I named Serenity. She's as pretty as a princess and if AG ends up retiring her, I'll get mad!

On day 2 of the sale, I got a stunning 58 who I named Stephanie. I love her unique natural hair and I don't know why, but her eyes look really beautiful!

Last Christmas, I got a very cute Just Like You 1 who I named Coral. I love the cute little half-braid she has in her hair and I keep it in her hair at all times!

Those are all the Addy mold dolls I own, but there are a couple more out there in the world who I'll be so happy if I get.

This is Just Like You 11. I love how the medium Addy mold and her dark brown eyes go together.

This is Just Like You 18. Her textured hair and textured bangs are so unique and I love them!

This is Just Like You 45. She looks like #18 if she got her hair straightened, but 45 is cute as well- and besides, her skin tone is TOTALLY DIFFERENT for being "supposed to be the same shade".

This is Just Like You 50. She really reminds me of #31, but her hair has a different part and her hair is totally gorgeous!

Lastly, this is Just Like You 77. The stock photo doesn't do the masculine Addy mold justice- in the store, it looks way better than in the picture and way closer to the actual Addy mold!

What face mold should I appreciate next?

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