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American Girl Dolls Now Available in COLOMBIA!

*Sorry this is so late- I literally didn't know this until today!*

A Colombian store, Pepe Ganga, has selling select Truly Me dolls on their site and at 13 stores nationwide for the past month (oops!). The dolls are about 500 Colombian pesos, which rounds to $175 in US dollars.

Here's a list of Pepe Ganga stores that will carry the dolls:

Bogota: C.C Gran Estacion, CC Unicentro, CC Santa Fe, CC Andino, Parque 93, CC Atlantis

Cartagena: CC Mall Plaza

Medellin: CC Santa Fe and CC Tesoro

Chia: CC Fontanar

Cali: Ciudad Jardin

Barranquilla: CC Viva Barranquilla

Bucaramanga: CC Cacique

Here's a screenshot of their site carrying AG:

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