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Every American Girl Truly Me Holiday Pajama Set Ever!

Most years since 2002, American Girl has made a holiday pajama set for American Girl of Today/Just Like You/My American Girl/Truly Me dolls. Have you ever wanted to see them all? Now you can! Here we go!

The 2002 pajamas were the Snowflake Satin PJ's. They cost $22.

There were no holiday-themed pajamas released in 2003, 2004 or 2005.

The 2006 pajama set was the Let It Snow Sleep Set. It cost $24 and was retired in 2008. This set lasted 2 years, serving as the holiday pajamas in both 2006 and 2007.

The 2008 pajama set were the Snuggly Snow PJs. They cost $22.

The 2009 pajamas were the Winter Pajamas, which cost $24, as well as all the other sets after the Winter Pajamas.

The 2010 pajamas were the Snowflake Pajamas.

The 2011 pajamas were the Coconut PJs.

The 2012 pajamas were the Reindeer Pajamas.

The 2013 pajamas were the Polar Bear Pajamas,

The 2014 pajamas were the Fair Isle Pajamas.

The 2015 pajamas were the Playful Polar Bear Pajamas.

The 2016 pajamas were the Holiday Penguin PJs.

The 2017 pajamas were the Festive Reindeer PJs.

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