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American Girl Doll of the Year 2019: What Do We Know? (RUMORS)

I noticed that my GOTY 2019 predictions were the first thing that came up on Google when you searched "girl of the year 2019", so I'm making this post to try to change that and make sure people get the facts!

In previous years, we already knew a load of information about the new Girl of the Year, but with no movies and Scholastic publishing the books, by now we haven't heard much. But there are some stuff that we might know!


-The first 2 books will come out on December 26 and are written by Jennifer Castle, an author who usually writes books tackling tough subjects like death and depression. The cover is illustrated by Judit Mallol, who is super talented and draws everything to random characters to self-portraits to even Princess Serenity (YAY THE GOTY ILLUSTRATOR IS IN ONE OF THE SAME FANDOMS AS ME)!


-American Girl has trademarked Emory Van Zant (in March 2017) and Blaire Wilson (Feb. 2018). Blaire seems more likely, but Emory has a chance, too.

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