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AG Explains The New Eyes...

Recently, American Girl has been changing the eye type on some of the dolls.

For comparison, here's a photo of Lea (2016, with old eyes) and Luciana (2018 technically but I had her in 2017, with new eyes):

American Girl has been silent, but today they finally explained the change via someone's Facebook post:

Hi Mamoru*! We have changed the eyes on the dolls to allow for more pronounced colors, increased durability and a more life-like look.

Um, American Girl, I as a fan forever can debunk all of these reasons.

-More pronounced colors- WRONG! I see more of the color on Lea than on Luciana.

-Increased durability- If they're talking about silver eye, then that thing went out the window with the Mattel purchase, I think.

-More life-like look- Tell me who you think looks more realistic. If you say Lea, than you have taste.

There's two real reasons to this change:

-Mattel wanting money

-And Mattel wanting money!

But they'll end up losing more money in the long run. American Girl, can I buy you for a large amount of many one dollar bills?

*Name changed for privacy reasons. Also, happy early birthday, mister useless.

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