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American Girl Outlet- Unreleased Items Pictures (Fall Release 2018?)

At the American Girl outlet today, they had some unreleased items I have never seen before! I'm assuming these will release officially on August 27- aka the next release date for American Girl. Here are the pictures and retail prices (which I'll tell you how I figured out at the end of this post).

 Solid & Stripe Leggings Set- $10

 Sparkle & Shine Dress- $20

 Crossbody Bag- $10

 Star Suspender Skirt- $15

 Pink Star Jeans- $10

 All Star Sweatshirt- $15

 Starburst Tee- $10

 Fashion Accessories- $15

 Sneakers and Flats Set- $20

 Backpack Set For Dolls- $20

 Bagged Lunch Set- $20

Now, to explain my math. I figured out that the discount was 25% off already since I saw a bunch of $20 usual things being $15, $24 usual things being $18, etc. So, I looked at my receipt and multiplied the outlet price by 1.25 and got the regular price. 

Thanks for looking at these awesome unreleased items! Once I get home (probably late tomorrow), I'll take photos of them out of the packaging on my dolls. 

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