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Think You Have An American Girl Create Your Own Doll? Look At This First!

FOR BLOG READERS WHO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CREATE YOUR OWN AND A TRULY ME: Go to another post. I'll probably put something else up today for you smart people. This is for people who DON'T.

Hey! Do you think you have an American Girl "Create Your Own" doll that was custom made to look like someone? Well, I have something to tell you. There are two questions I must ask you before you put your doll up on eBay as a Create Your Own doll just to make a couple more bucks.

1- Did you get her prior to 2017? If so, it is totally not a Create Your Own doll. Create Your Own dolls debuted in August 2017.

2- Take your doll's shoe off. Does she have this on the bottom of her foot?

If yes, then congratulations! You have a one of a kind Create Your Own doll.

If no, than sorry, your doll is just a generic Truly Me.

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