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$1000 American Girl Survey- INFORMATION

American Girl is sending some customers a survey in which they're giving away 2 $1000 gift cards and 4 $250 gift cards to people who respond! Here's a summary of interesting questions they asked:

-They had a section that was like "What is important for AG", including these:

*Using high quality materials like wood, ceramic and glass that they haven't really used for a while

*Making dolls in a Fair Trade and/or environmentally-sustainable enviorment

*Making dolls in America

-They had a section that asked "What would make the AG store experience better", which listed this:

*More education about American Girl's history

*More attentive staff (even though I've never had a problem with that considering everyone at my local store knows me by name)

*More in-store events

*Better food at the bistro

*Collaborations with other brands (Dylan's Candy Bar was listed as the example)

*More interactive stations/activities

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