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American Girl September Monthly Deals!

A new month now means some new deals on American Girl's Monthly Deals section! These are the deals we're getting for September:

20% OFF

-Science Fair Set ($25)

-Flute Set ($27)

-Western Chambray Outfit for Girls ($38)

-Doll Star ($15) 25% OFF

-Butterfly Beats Keyboard ($28)

-Melody's Electric Piano ($36)

-Travel in Style Outfit ($22) 30% OFF

-Western Chambray Outfit for Dolls ($25)

-Fantastic Firefly PJs for Girls ($25)

-Truly Me School Spirit book ($9)

-School Rules: Projects ($7) -School Rules; Writing ($7)

-Doll Art Studio ($17)

-Truly Me Shine Bright book ($9)

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