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American Girl Doll Of The Year 2019- Theories Based On Competition!

Yesterday's post got me thinking- usually Our Generation and My Life As (and previously Journey Girls too) release similar stuff to things AG are about to do. So, I decided to take a peek at their new merchandise and try to figure out ideas on what the GOTY 2019 will be like!

Based on Target and Walmart's sites, I noted these themes for their doll line's fall 2018 releases.


*Pets, especially horses


*Bowling (oddly a lot of bowling stuff)





*House stuff, like laundry and desks





Both companies also released kitchens and hot dog stands.

I narrowed it down to this list of things the releases had in common:



*Hot dog stands

*Yoga sets

*Horse stuff

*Bowling? There was a lot of OG bowling sets

This gives us some ideas on what GOTY 2019 will be like. What are you hoping for?

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