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Girl Gets American Girl Inspired Wish To Go To Paris

Grace made one girl dream to go to Paris. Now, her wish is finally coming true.

Lilli McCullough is 9 years old, but she isn't like most girls her age. She suffers from Pompe disease, a rare disease where the muscle and nerve cells throughout the body are damaged. Her mom explained to a local news website that it causes her fatigue and muscle weakness, it progresses as she gets older and she receives infusions every two weeks at home.

Ever since she was little, she's loved American Girl dolls. She loved the Grace movie and watched it all the time, falling in love with everything about Paris as a result. She started dreaming to go there, so when she got referred to Make a Wish, it was obvious what her wish was going to be.

Yesterday, she found out that her wish would be granted at a reveal party that took place at her elementary school. She'll get to see the Eiffel Tower and get a photo shoot done there and will be transported via a limo during the whole trip.

Bon voyage, Lilli! Me and my Grace doll are sure you'll have fun in Paris.

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