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American Girl: Finalist for Toy Hall of Fame!

There are many famous toys in the Toy Hall of Fame, but not American Girl dolls. This year, though, that might change.

American Girl is a finalist for the Toy Hall of Fame this year, going against the likes of chalk, Uno, the Magic 8 Ball, Chutes and Ladders and many other stuff to get into one of three open spots on the Hall of Fame.

American Girl was nominated in 2014 and 2015, but lost to bubbles, puppets, Twister, the Super Soaker, the Rubik's Cube and Little Green Army Men. But these toys don't have the amazing qualities of American Girl dolls, so 2018 should be THE YEAR AG finally wins what it deserves- a place in toy history!

Unlike other years, we can't vote on it online, so pray AG wins!

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