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What Dolls Are Going To Be Featured in American Girl Live?

Ever wondered what dolls are going to be featured in American Girl Live? Today, they were announced on American Girl's Facebook! The dolls who are going to make their way on stage for the first time in December and into 2019 are:

-Rebecca Rubin

-Nanea Mitchell

-Maryellen Larkin

-Melody Ellison

-Julie Albright

-Luciana Vega

Some people were complaining that there were only modern dolls and no classic ones like Samantha, but I think this is a wise decision. The oldest doll who will be featured is Julie, and the American Girl store theaters were closing by the time Julie came out, so she was never added to the plays like Kaya and Kit were when they debuted. The other dolls didn't even exist when American Girl had theaters!

Who's excited? I already have my VIP tickets for the Charlotte date!

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