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Common Interests That American Girl Has NEVER Touched On!

I had no post ideas and was bored, so I decided to look up common interests and hobbies among 9-11 year old kids and figure out which ones American Girl has never touched on with a character! Truly Me outfits don't count- if I counted those, then I might as well count the Truly Me wheelchair as a doll with a disability and Special Dolls wouldn't exist.

-Many sports, like football, volleyball, tennis, baseball, bowling, karate, I could go on forever


-Collecting things (like rocks, baseball cards or even dolls)

-Winter based things like skiing or snowboarding

-Fangirling over stuff (sorry that's legit my life, but American Girl's never done a cartoon nerd lol)

-Playing instruments like flute, harp, violin- anything that isn't guitar

-Playing video games

-Building things (I think that would actually be pretty cool because ALL THE MEGA CONSTRUX)

-Writing stories (could be original or fanfiction)

What else would you want American Girl to do?

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