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Ways To Survive The Day Before An American Girl Release

Tomorrow is one of the most magical dates of the year. Any day when American Girl adds new stuff to their website is a beautiful day, and that day is tomorrow! But it’s annoying when you are just WAITING for the release and can’t stop thinking about it. So, here’s a list of things I did today to distract myself from the release, and it might help you guys too!

Do stuff related to other interests/fandoms. Sure, it’s nice to hang out with your dolls, but in the end it will just take your mind back to the release. Today, I’ve watched a Sailor Moon musical and made Miraculous Ladybug memes (if you’re in to that thing my account is to distract myself!

Work on stuff you’ve been meaning to do. I’m building the new Samantha Mega Construx set right now, so I worked some on that.

Drag yourself around with your parents. I’ve been dragged to the decoration store and the grocery store today, but in the end it ate away time!

Nap! Napping is the number one time killer. Use it!

Go to bed early. Sure, you might have a complicated nighttime routine on Sundays (mine is taking a shower, eating a snack, blow drying my hair, and watching anime before bed), but you can rush it so you can get to bed early and end the day earlier! For example, you can’t rush a shower, but you can do other things. In my case, I’m going to eat a quick snack tonight and skip the intro of my anime.

I’m so excited to see all the new shiny things! Only 8 hours left- YAY!

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