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October 2018 Monthly Deals- Sleepover Fun!

October is finally here! The month of spookiness and new Miraculous Ladybug episodes has also brought some monthly deals! This sale is centered on sleepover items, like bedroom items, sleeping bags and pajamas. Here's the list:

20% OFF -Spamazing Truly Me book- $10

25% OFF

-Addy's Nightgown ($18)

-Samantha's Nightgown ($18)

-Josefina's Nightgown ($18)

-Adventure Sleeping Bag ($21)

-Fun And Games Sleepover Set ($25)

30% OFF

-Maryellen's Sofa Bed Set ($105)

-Julie's Snack Set ($35)

This sale is perfect for all the dolls who love sleeping over and hanging out with their friends!

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