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New American Girl Doll Books!

Feburary 19th will be the spring release date for American Girl, because three new activity books have been listed for that day! I can't find any mysteries, but here's what I found:

Two doll craft books have been listed. One is called Farm and Feast: Gather Together with Friends and Food (Blaire?)

"What is your favorite food? Hamburgers? Cake? Broccoli? Where do you get your food? From a supermarket? A restaurant? A farmers market? In this book, you will craft your way through the food cycle and see how food grown on a farm can be made into a colorful feast for your family and friends. Make a chicken coop, complete with chickens and eggs, so your doll can make a fresh farm breakfast. Build a tractor so your doll can plow, till, and plant seeds in the soil. Create a farmers market stand where your doll can sell her very own fruits, vegetables, and breads. Use the kit's punch-outs to design beautiful plates and platters to serve a crafted feast for your doll's guests. Your doll will love learning how to use homegrown fresh food to throw a fabulous dinner party. Happy farming!"

The other one is called Doll Outdoors: Your Doll's Guide to Adventure:

"What is your favorite thing to do outdoors? Climb trees? Have a cookout with your friends? Hike up a mountain? Camp in the woods? There are so many ways to explore nature and have a lot of fun with your doll. This book will show you how to make a hot-air balloon, a stand-up paddleboard, and camping equipment so your doll can explore nature. Discover all the wonders of going outside!"