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American Girl 2018 Cyber Monday Deals!

UPDATE (6:05 PM Eastern): I found the prices and updated the post!

The American Girl Cyber Monday sale isn't up yet due to a glitch, but I found a shortcut that made me able to find the items that will be for sale!


-Maryellen mini doll- $10

-Melody mini doll- $10

-Molly mini doll- $10

-Felicity mini doll- $10


-Apron Set for WellieWishers and Girls- $11

-Rebecca's Holiday Coat- $17

-Outdoors in Overalls Outfit- $12

-Star Player Volleyball Outfit- $17

-Sun and Fun Outfit- $14

-Star of the Slopes Outfit- $16

-Tenney's Picnic Collection (Tenney's Picnic Outfit and Picnic Set)- $28

-Gabriela's Fancy Collection (Gabriela's Sparkling Performance Outfit, PJs, Showtime Kit and Celebration Outfit)- $61

-Bright Blooms Dress- $14

-Dino-mite Outfit- $14

-Pleats and Petals Outfit- $14

-Paradise Palms Swimsuit for Little Girls- $14

-Kit's Mini Golf Outfit- $17

-Melody's Christmas Outfit- $17

-Winter Wishes Cape for Girls- $10

-Playful Floral Leggings for Little Girls- $9

-Pleats and Petals Dress for Little Girls- $16

-Comfy and Cozy Top for Little Girls- $15

-Music is Love Tee for Girls- $16

-Comfy and Cozy Leggings for Little Girls- $8


-Merry Sock Set for Girls- $4

-Shining Star Baseball Hat - $5

-Snowboard and Helmet- $18

-Rainbow Collar and Leash- $6

-Shining Star Baseball Hat for Girls- $8

-Fancy Pet Outfit- $7

-Crown Pet Bed- $11

-Carrot Headband for Girls- $4

-Kit's Homemade Scooter- $17

-Ombre Sunglasses - $5

-Rosy Glasses- $4

-Holiday Reindeer- $9

-Starry Sunglasses- $4

-Coconut Jewelry Set- $7

-Kaya's Dog and Gear- $19

-Pet Bath Outfit- $9

-Cozy Carrot Slippers- $8

-Snowy Earmuffs- $4

-Melody's Bedroom Accessories- $22

-Winter Woods Stage Accessories- $10

-Cozy Carrot Blanket for Girls- $11

-Merry Stocking Set- $8

-Cuddles and Cures Pet Set- $12

-Birthday Cart and Treats Set- $28

-Coconut Necklace for Girls- $4

-Coconut Bracelet for Girls- $4

-Gabriela's Hair Accessories for Girls- $9

-Tenney's Floppy Hat for Girls- $11

-Tenney's Moccasin Slippers for Girls- $8

-Gabriela's Headphones for Girls- $10

-Tooth Fairy Pillow for Girls- $8

-Coconut Coin Purse for Girls- $4

-Enchanted Garden Slippers for Girls- $12

-Story Puppets for Girls- $8

-Gabriela's Colorful Cupcake Set- $23

-Pie Baking Set- $10

-Watering Can Charm for Girls- $4


-Nanea's Family Market- $200

-Nanea's Bed and Hawaiian Quilt- $66

-Melody's Table and Chairs- $46

-Melody's Bed and Bedding- $47

-Melody's Recording Studio- $200

-American Girl Snack Stand- $42

-Maryellen's Sofa and Bed- $120

-Love and Caring Carriage - $26

-Z's Media Kit- $46

-Gabriela's Performance Collection (Creative Studio Set, Performance Set and Showtime Kit)- $70


-The Sister Book- $4

-Lists! A Year Of Stuff About Me- $5

-School Rules! Writing- $4

-Tenney's Journal Kit For Girls- $12

-Puzzle Palooza- $5

-Nanea 3-Book Boxed Set- $14

-School Rules! Projects- $4

-Dream It, Do It Quiz Book- $5

-Making Money- $4

-Express Yourself with Gabriela- $12


-Lea to the Rescue DVD- $5

-McKenna Shoots for the Stars DVD- $5

-McKenna Shoots for the Stars 2-Disc Set- $5

-Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front DVD- $5

-Saige Paints The Sky DVD- $5

-Saige Paints The Sky 2-Disc Set- $5

-Kit: An American Girl DVD- $5

-Lea To The Rescue 2-Disc Set- $5

-Samantha: An American Girl Holiday DVD- $5

-Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight DVD- $5

-Grace Stirs Up Success DVD- $5

-Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight 2-Disc Set- $5

-Grace Stirs Up Success 2-Disc Set- $5

These deals rock! I'd basically want everything if I didn't have 90% of the stuff and I had more room in my doll room.

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