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Doll of the Week: Jupiter!

This week's Doll of the Week is kind of ironic, considering she's my newest doll now, but probably won't be after tomorrow and the next day. Well, the Doll of the Week this week is Jupiter!

I got Jupiter on October 6, 2018 from my dad, who has no freaking clue how to wait until Christmas to give presents. (I also already got some Miraculous Ladybug merch already in addition to Jupiter, lol) She is Just Like You 8.

Jupiter is a little shy and falls in love easily, but she has a bunch of different hobbies to keep her busy. This includes cooking, gardening, wrestling and of course, helping stop all the criminals in town! She helps out at the bakery a lot, and likes gardening with Beth. However, she has to explain to Beth how to wait for a plant to grow!

Jupiter was in a live video I made for fun last month when I discovered that Maryellen's Jukebox could hook up to my iPad and I could play my nerd music!

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