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All The Dolls I Got For Christmas!

Merry Christmas, guys! The day of giving, family, food and presents is finally here, and I decided to share with you guys the new family members of the AGDN/SM Network doll family! I got 17 dolls for Christmas, one from my mom and the rest from my dad, and I love them all. Here they are! BRING FORTH THE DOLL EXPLOSION!

Name: Briana

Number: 7 Fun fact: My old best friend had a 7, but she drew on her and was ruined.

Name: Sugar

Number: 50 Fun fact: Some of her fingers were chewed off by a dog, so I'm going to send her to the doll hospital.

Name: Michelle

Number: 15 Fun fact: She came in Isabelle's clothes, despite her retiring seven years before Isabelle's debut!

Name: Fia

Number: 6 Fun fact: She came in a "Girls On The Go" sweater. I looked it up and found nothing!

Name: Akemi

Number: 11 Fun fact: She was the first doll produced with the medium Addy mold!

Name: Dusk

Number: 5 Fun fact: She was named after a secret project of mine... you'll find out what it is next year or in 2020!

Name: Christine

Number: 34 Fun fact: She has a unique auburn-brown hair color.

Name: Mary

Number: 20 Fun fact: I named her after one of my friends in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom!

Name: Venus

Number: 32 Fun fact: The first time I saw a 32 was in a video by the AGTuber "WackyWafflez". She hasn't posted in a while, but I loved her 32's personality!

Name: Alexis

Number: 10 Fun fact: Along with 9 and 10, she was the first Truly Me doll to retire.

Name: Teddie

Number: 4 Fun fact: This doll has a unique face mold that was never used for another doll!

Name: Tara

Number: 70 Fun fact: This doll was sent to many hospitals to give to cancer patients.

Name: Bridgette

Number: 14 Fun fact: She came with a book, "Fun With Your Doll".

Name: Naru

Number: 9 Fun fact: She came with an American Girl Today backpack and bagged lunch!

Name: Mikayla

Number: 18 Fun fact: This is the only doll ever made with textured bangs.

Name: Amara

Number: 45 Fun fact: The seller added in a bonus pair of doll PJs!

Name: Emma

Number: 19 rewigged Fun fact: She's supposed to be Marinette and Adrien's future kid.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and got all the American Girl things you wanted! Tomorrow, I'll post a new post about Blaire and her story.

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