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American Girl Of The Year 2019: Blaire Wilson Books 1 and 2 Information

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Happy Blaire book release day! Now, I can finally tell you all about Blaire and her story. When I was on vacation, I got the books from a bookstore and read them, so I can basically fill out the old Girl of the Year mini-bio they used to have in the catalogs!

Who she is: A creative girl with bold ideas and a big heart

Where she lives: The fictional town of Bluefield, New York (in the Hudson Valley) Favorite activities: Cooking and gardening

Best friends: Thea, a girl who loves to dance Fun fact: She just got diagnosed with a dairy allergy What changes her life: When she is chosen to plan a wedding to be held at her family farm What she discovers: Even one girl can make a difference

Now, here's the covers and summaries!