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American Girl Of The Year 2019: Blaire Wilson Books 1 and 2 Information

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Happy Blaire book release day! Now, I can finally tell you all about Blaire and her story. When I was on vacation, I got the books from a bookstore and read them, so I can basically fill out the old Girl of the Year mini-bio they used to have in the catalogs!

Who she is: A creative girl with bold ideas and a big heart

Where she lives: The fictional town of Bluefield, New York (in the Hudson Valley) Favorite activities: Cooking and gardening

Best friends: Thea, a girl who loves to dance Fun fact: She just got diagnosed with a dairy allergy What changes her life: When she is chosen to plan a wedding to be held at her family farm What she discovers: Even one girl can make a difference

Now, here's the covers and summaries!

"Chef. Decorator. Chicken wrangler. Blaire does it all at her family’s restaurant, inn, and farm. Her recent food allergy has made her time in the kitchen—and time with friends—a little tough. But now she’s got the perfect distraction—a wedding to plan! With her BFF by her side, and a million creative ideas saved on her tablet, Blaire is sure she can make the farm’s first wedding an epic celebration. But between dress disasters, texting mix-ups, and more than one incident with a mischievous goat, Blaire soon learns that wedding planning is a tricky business . . . and that balancing friendships is even trickier. Can Blaire find a way to make things right, or will this wedding—and her friendship—turn into epic fails?"

"A goat that does tricks. A lamb in pajamas. A celebrity who offers Blaire the opportunity of a lifetime. Things are never boring at Pleasant View Farm!Things get interesting at school, too. Blaire’s determined to find a BIG idea for the Community Service Challenge. Her project becomes personal when she befriends a young girl at the local food pantry. With a love of cooking and a farm full of fresh ingredients, Blaire soon has a plan for making a difference. But it’s going to take help from her whole class—including a mysterious new kid, Eli—to keep Blaire’s creativity from becoming a catastrophe. . . ."

To be totally honest, I went into these books with low expectations, but they were actually pretty good. I liked them better than Tenney's books! I could totally relate to Blaire's struggle with her dairy allergy, since I'm allergic, too. The main conflicts of book 1 seemed to be illogical, such as her friend Thea getting mad just because she has a wedding to plan and the girl having the wedding nearly calling it off just because she didn't want pictures of it in a magazine. Book 2 was a total improvement, and had way more character development, especially for Eli, the new kid. Overall, these were pretty good, though not as good as Luciana's and Gabriela's. You should get them, though!

P.S: This is random, but I used to watch Disney Junior when I was younger, and they always showed this commercial for Huggies with a toddler named Eli getting potty trained. It totally makes me feel old thinking that the Eli in the commercial could be the same one in the Blaire book!

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