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New American Girl Trademark: Gwynn (GOTY 2020?)

American Girl just trademarked the name Gwynn in dolls, books and accessories. Due to the timing of the trademark, I'd assume this might be the name of the Girl of the Year for 2020. For every Girl of the Year except Gabriela since I started this blog, the Girl of the Year names have followed what I like to call the "December-February Rule". This means that the doll has a name trademarked between the December 2 years before she's the Girl of the Year (for example, Luciana was trademarked in December 2016) and the February of the year before she's GOTY (for example, Blaire was trademarked in February 2018).

The name popularity was in the 8000s for 2018, but that jumped up 11,000 spots from 2017. This name was also particularly popular in 2016 and 2007, so these facts support the December-February Rule. It's a Welsh name, so there's a big chance she'll be white, but who knows, that might not be the case. It's pronounced "g-win", just so you don't pronounce her name wrong for over a year like I did with Nanea.

I'm a little disappointed with the name, since Chrissa's best friend was named Gwen, as well as a Hopscotch Hill doll, but hopefully this is just for a WellieWisher and another name with a last name pops up soon.

P.S: I'm going to the American Girl store in Charlotte tonight to take pictures of the new Truly Me items, so that will be up as soon as I leave the store and hit the table at Cheesecake Factory!

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