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Every Girl of the Year's Biggest Item! (UPDATED)

I updated the Girl of the Year biggest item list!

In 2001, Lindsey's biggest item was her scooter. In her story, Lindsey loves her scooter and gets it taken away when she puts smiley face stickers on her neighbor's garbage cans. The cost was a modest $34.

There was no Girl of the Year in 2002- Lindsey debuted in September 2001 and was available throughout 2002: she retired at the end of 2002.

In 2003, Kailey's biggest item was her boogie board. In her story, Kailey loves the beach and riding her boogie board in the tide pools: but when a developer threatens to take away the tide pools she knows and loves, she rallies the community to save the tide pools. The set was only $20 and came with board wax that was used as lip balm for girls to wear!

There was no Girl of the Year in 2004- Kailey came out in July 2003 and retired in July 2004. After 2004, there has been a Girl of the Year every year.

In 2005, Marisol's biggest item was her Performance Trunk. In her story, Marisol dances a Mexican dance style called ballet folkorio, tap, ballet and jazz. This trunk has no role in the story, but it is made for Marisol to hold all her dance things and a exclusive outfit- Marisol's Jazz Outfit. The price was $49.