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American Girl's Old Eyes and Body Cloth Has Returned!

More like "will return", but still, you only live once, right?

Anyways, American Girl has thrown their rose, winning back some customers and scaring off wallets everywhere! AG shared this information with the @BringBackAGQuality campaign today:

"We're pleased to announce that we are returning to American Girl's previous doll eye design, as well as the all-cotton body fabric for 18 inch dolls, starting with any dolls that are currently in production or in development. This is a rolling change, which means that any 18 inch dolls still in the market will remain as is until inventory is sold through."

They are also providing a one-time free eye exchange that is good until the end of the year! The link is

I didn't really care, but I'm glad AG will probably win back some customers!

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