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Doll of the Week: Audra!

Audra is the Doll of the Week this week!

I got Audra at the American Girl Benefit Sale on July 22, 2017. She is Truly Me 51.

Audra loves all things costumes, cosplay and dress-up. Her life isn't that interesting, and she is always empathetic and curious to learn what it is like to be someone else. She is also a bookworm and reads a lot, especially on non-fiction topics. But she's useful because if any of her sisters want to go to Comic-Con, they won't have to go alone- they'll have Audra!

True to her cosplaying nature, Audra was Jade (Truly Me #60)'s cosplay double in this stopmotion! Helps to have a doll with the same exact eye color, eyebrow type, skin tone and face mold as the doll she's supposed to be underneath but with the wig that you need for the doll's character.

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