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Information About American Girl Live Original Characters!

The blog New Jersey Stage interviewed Lalia Drew and Shelby Miguel, two actresses from American Girl Live. When I was reading it, I noticed that they told us more about their camper characters than I knew before, so I decided to put it up here! Here's the link to the full thing.

Lalia Drew plays Melody, but she also plays Melody's owner, Nia Marcus. Nia is an incredible singer. Nia's focused and admirable ambition to be a famous singer/songwriter and successful record producer one day, make her the ideal cabin-mate when it comes to organizing fun! A loyal and true friend, Nia recognizes and encourages the strength in her bunk -mates.

Shelby Miguel plays Nanea, but she also plays Luciana's owner, Rosie Imelda. Rosie is deeply devoted to her pursuit of science, technology, engineering and math! Determined to be the first astronaut on Mars, Rosie, with a sparkle in her eyes and a can-do attitude, embraces the intrigue and joys of science, tech, engineering and math.

I found this really interesting and am excited to see the whole thing!

P.S: It's my birthday! I'm 14 now, but I still love my dolls, of course!

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