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More American Girl Live Information!

In an interview with The Morning Call, American Girl Live performer Lalia Drew gave more information about the show. Here it is!

"Drew says Nia comes to camp wanting to be in the talent show and discovers there are no more slots available, which makes her frustrated and upset. “She has to learn to stand up for herself and never stop trying,” Drew says.

She says Nia’s doll, Melody, comes to life and sings a “beautiful gospel number” as she offers Nia advice.

Throughout the show, the campers work to earn girl-power prizes by being brave and being good friends with the goal of getting to attend the “Starry Night Campfire” at the end.

Drew says there 20 original songs with lots of dancing.

“There’s a big flashy ’70s number where we get down on the dance floor and show our best moves,” she says.

She says Nia gets to sing in the big finale, which she describes as a huge production number with “lots of glitter and sparkles.”

Audience members can bring their own American Girl dolls, and Drew says during one scene in which the campers play with their dolls around the campfire, girls in the audience hold up their dolls.

Drew says the cast also meets fans after the show and says how the young girls’ “eyes light up” when they talk to them."

SO COOL! If you want to read the rest of the interview, click here!

P.S: I know I've been posting a lot about American Girl Live, but that's literally all that's new in the AG world right now! I promise I'll shut up once I finally get to see the show on March 9, but I apologize to anyone who either doesn't care or already saw it!

P.P.S: I got a post up earlier than normal! Thank the fact that I need to film the new Mia on Ice tonight for my early post.

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