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Every Girl of the Year Doll's Pajamas!

There was no news I could find today, so I decided to feature the GOTY pajamas today on AGDN! I really like seeing the new Girl of the Year's pajamas every year, and I have a tradition where I wear the previous GOTY's pajamas on their last night of being Girl of the Year. Here's a list of all the Girl of the Year pajamas ever made! (And they all cost $24.)

The first Girl of the Year to have pajamas was Jess, who was Girl of the Year 2006. Hers were teal and had butterfly and flower prints on the tank top and pants.

Nicki didn't have pajamas in her collection. American Girl said in a letter to a fan that they sent in 2008 that it was because "each of our Girl of the Year collections has a limited number of outfits and accessories that are chosen to represent particular aspects of her story or her life." Nicki had a lot of interests, ranging from service dog training to snowboarding, so pajamas were sacrificed in order to tell Nicki's full story through her collection.

Mia's pajamas were similar to Jess's in style, but were a darker shade of blue and featured ribbons in addition to flowers.

Chrissa's pajamas had a long sleeved top for the first time, as well as having different-colored pieces for the first time.

Lanie's pajamas were different from any other Girl of the Year doll's to this day. Not only was it the only nightgown in the entire GOTY line without any bottoms, but it also came with a stuffed orangutan!

Kanani's pajamas reverted back to the common style of a tank top and pants for Girl of the Year pajamas.

McKenna's pajamas were very similar to Chrissa's in design. They both were long sleeved tops and pants, but the top was the same color as Chrissa's pants and the pants were the same color as Chrissa's. Also, McKenna and Chrissa both had movies and had the same author write their book series, and the same face mold and eye color! Who knew these two had a lot in common?

Saige's pajamas were a Girl of the Year first in which the bottoms were shorts!

Isabelle's reverted back to the usual design, but was the only Girl of the Year pajamas set to come with a headband.

Grace's pajamas also utilized the normal design, but featured a scattered print on the bottoms, something not used since the first pajama set in Jess's collection.

Lea's pajamas were unique, since it was a romper. Lea's was also the only pajamas to not just be called "Doll Name's Pajamas". They were called "Lea's Rainforest Dreams Pajamas".

Gabriela's pajamas were the first Girl of the Year pajamas to have a graphic featured as the main feature on the top, a practice used on every Girl of the Year doll since.

Luciana's pajamas were the first short-sleeved ones to have WOW, SLEEVES, since Lanie's nightgown in 2010!

Blaire's pajamas were the first shirt and shorts set ever to be a GOTY's pajamas.

And that's all! It was pretty fun showing you more random AG stuff. I'm going to do this more often when there's nothing to blog about!


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