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American Girl's Sales Drop- AGAIN!

At this rate, whenever I look at Mattel's earnings, I don't hope for a surprise result for American Girl, and am like "welp, it happened again" once I saw it dropped. Not only did American Girl's sales drop in the fourth quarter, they dropped in 2018 as a whole!

American Girl's sales dropped 27% in quarter 4 2018, and 28% overall in 2018. Toys R Us's closure only influenced 2% of the dropping sales, so my theory for the other 25-26% is a lack of interest in girls (cough cough phones cough cough netflix cough cough), earlier pressure to stop playing with the dolls along with customers not buying direct from American Girl due to the quality changes.

I really hope this is fixed soon and American Girl is back on track, because I don't want American Girl to go out of business in my lifetime, much less my teenage years!

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