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No Blaire Wilson Mini Doll...

People who were looking forward for a Blaire Wilson mini doll like me are gonna be disappointed at this, but I have to tell the truth... American Girl confirmed on their Facebook page that there won't be a Blaire mini doll, making her the first GOTY since McKenna not to have a mini doll.

They commented this: "Hi Mio*, unfortunately we will not not be having a Blaire mini doll. We apologize for the disappointment."

How do you feel about this? I'm pretty bummed, since I love the GOTY minis. I hope I'll be able to get a Saige mini doll someday so I can make up for there not being a Blaire one- I was looking forward to having a true redhead mini!

*name changed to an anime reference for privacy reasons- if you think you know what she's from, comment and if you're right, you'll get a shoutout in the next post!

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