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Where Are The American Girl Dolls Now? My Theories (Part 1- Historical Characters)

I just finished Mia On Ice, a series featuring a 21 year old Mia St. Clair on my YouTube channel. As I tried to figure out what to post today, I started thinking about it and decided to come up with theories on the rest of the AG dolls' life! I did the Historical Characters today and will do Girls of the Year tomorrow. (Note: this isn't canon and is rooted in historical context for some of them. I came up with the death dates based on life expectancy charts.)

Kaya- Once she came of age, she took on the name Swan Circling and started riding her horses more often. She ended up having 2 kids, one boy and one girl, who took on her love of horseback riding. Kaya still had the same adventurous spirit until she died of old age in 1809.

Felicity- Felicity was annoyed at the fact that due to the fact that she was a girl, her brother William got control of Merriman's Store. However, she decided to keep on taking care of horses and started a school for girls like Miss Manderly. Felicity died from rabies in 1805.

Elizabeth- After the Revolutionary War, Elizabeth was forced to move back to England. She ended up courting a wealthy man and marrying, having 5 kids. She named one of her kids Felicity after her childhood friend. Elizabeth died in 1809 from pneumonia.

Caroline- Caroline ended up taking on the job of owning the family shipyard. She loved it and spent the rest of her life dedicated to her craft- building ships and sailing them. She ended up moving to the city so she could send more ships to Europe to use during the immigration boom. Caroline died in 1848 of chlorea.

Josefina- Josefina chased her dreams of being a healer, and ended up starting her own business out of it. Sadly, once New Mexico became a part of America, Josefina's practice was driven out of business in favor of white settlers' businesses. She kept on caring for her friends and ended up marrying and having a kid. She died in 1855 of old age.

Cecile and Marie Grace- The two ended up having a successful career as an opera duo. Even though some people thought it was weird that a white girl and a black girl were singing together, people turned out in droves to hear them sing. The two eventually got husbands (and in Cecile's case, kids) and retired from singing in order to be wives. Cecile died in 1881 of pneumonia and Marie-Grace died in 1880 of typhoid fever.

Kirsten- Kirsten ended up devoting her free time to her knack of sewing. She sold clothing, blankets and quilts. She married and had 4 kids, who all had the same brave, hardworking spirit their mother had. Kirsten died in 1880 of old age.

Addy- Addy knew how important her education was to her, so she ended up following her dream and became a teacher at Sixth Street School- the exact school she went to. She touched many people's lives as a teacher and taught the kids about her struggles as a slave. Addy died in 1895 of old age.

Samantha- Samantha never let go of her curious, determined spirit. After advocating for women's suffrage and winning, she ran for president in 1924, but didn't get nominated due to her gender. After her loss, she ended up traveling the world like her Uncle Gard and became an artist. Samantha died in 1939 of malaria.

Nellie- As Samantha's "sister", Nellie was always Samantha's number one supporter. She helped Samantha in her quest for women's voting rights, and always traveled with her. Nellie ended up becoming an artist in her own right, but died in 1934 of smallpox.

Rebecca- Rebecca ended up following her dream of becoming an actress, starring in plays and movies alike. But she always used her fame for good. During the Great Depression, she donated half of her income to the poor, and she used her status as a Jew to advocate against Hitler during World War 2. Rebecca died in 1953 in a car accident.

Kit- As soon as Kit became a professional reporter, she became an ace at it. She was the fastest to report on a lot of breaking headlines, both during the war and after. If she wasn't reporting on anything serious, she was reporting on one of her first loves- baseball. Kit died in 1982 due to natural causes.

Ruthie- Ruthie ended up becoming two things. First, she was an animator for all sorts of cartoons, which sparked Ruthie's imagination a lot and gave her an escape from the troubles that the war brought. After that, she ended up writing and illustrating her own children's books. Ruthie died in 1989 in a plane crash.

Nanea- After the war, Nanea ended up becoming a hula dancer to entertain tourists and make some cash while she did what she loved. She performed for charities all the time and became a star in Hawaii and beyond. Nanea died in 1992 due to Hurricane Iniki.

Molly- Molly ended up becoming a movie star, starring in all kinds of movies and TV shows. Her dancing became a key feature for her stardom, and while Molly enjoyed it, she would never forget how hard her dad fought for her freedom. Molly died in 1999 of natural causes.

Emily- After returning to England, Emily became a spokesperson for a charity. Her charm and persuasiveness caused millions of dollars to be donated, to Emily's delight. Emily worked as a volunteer until her death in 1996 due to natural causes.

Maryellen- Maryellen ended up becoming a scientist for NASA. Her hard work led to many space discoveries and even the first flight to the moon. Maryellen also illustrated a popular comic strip for newspapers. She ended up marrying Davy and having 2 kids. (Ok, I must confess- Maryellen and Davy is the only AG ship I actually ship!) Maryellen died in 2004 due to post polio syndrome.

Melody- Melody ended up becoming a successful singer. Her songs were hits that the entire country loved, and her music spread messages of inclusion, hope and joy. Melody is still alive and even at 66, she is still touring.

Julie- Julie ended up working as a politician to help further champion equality for all. She started out as Mayor of San Francisco, and became the Governor of California, becoming the first woman to hold both positions. Julie is still alive and is now a Senator.

Ivy- Ivy joined the USA Gymnastics Team and won Bronze at her debut in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Dissatisfied by the result, she kept on working hard until she finally won gold at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Ivy is still alive and even though she's retired from gymnastics, she has a family and owns the Happy Panda Chinese restaurant.

What story do you like the best? Personally, it's a tie between Rebecca and Maryellen for me.

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