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Where Are The American Girl Dolls Now? My Theories (Part 1- Historical Characters)

I just finished Mia On Ice, a series featuring a 21 year old Mia St. Clair on my YouTube channel. As I tried to figure out what to post today, I started thinking about it and decided to come up with theories on the rest of the AG dolls' life! I did the Historical Characters today and will do Girls of the Year tomorrow. (Note: this isn't canon and is rooted in historical context for some of them. I came up with the death dates based on life expectancy charts.)

Kaya- Once she came of age, she took on the name Swan Circling and started riding her horses more often. She ended up having 2 kids, one boy and one girl, who took on her love of horseback riding. Kaya still had the same adventurous spirit until she died of old age in 1809.

Felicity- Felicity was annoyed at the fact that due to the fact that she was a girl, her brother William got control of Merriman's Store. However, she decided to keep on taking care of horses and started a school for girls like Miss Manderly. Felicity died from rabies in 1805.

Elizabeth- After the Revolutionary War, Elizabeth was forced to move back to England. She ended up courting a wealthy man and marrying, having 5 kids. She named one of her kids Felicity after her childhood friend. Elizabeth died in 1809 from pneumonia.

Caroline- Caroline ended up taking on the job of owning the family shipyard. She loved it and spent the rest of her life dedicated to her craft- building ships and sailing them. She ended up moving to the city so she could send more ships to Europe to use during the immigration boom. Caroline died in 1848 of chlorea.

Josefina- Josefina chased her dreams of being a healer, and ended up starting her own business out of it. Sadly, once New Mexico became a part of America, Josefina's practice was driven out of business in favor of white settlers' businesses. She kept on caring for her friends and ended up marrying and having a kid. She died in 1855 of old age.