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The Most Out Of Place Things In American Girl Collections

Do you sometimes look at American Girl collections and wonder, "Why is this thing even here? I don't remember it from the books!" I do too much. So, I decided to look at every American Girl collection and pick one item from each time period of dolls which I thought didn't really belong in their collection!

1764-1853's Most Out Of Place Item- Elizabeth's Riding Outfit

So let me set the record straight- ELIZABETH NEVER RODE A HORSE. EVER.

1854-1932's Most Out Of Place Item- Kit's Candy Making Set

Why would you be making CANDY... in the GREAT DEPRESSION?

1941-1975's Most Out Of Place Item- Molly's Dude Ranch Outfit

Why would you be going to a DUDE RANCH... in WORLD WAR 2? Whoever suggested this outfit idea needs a lesson in historical accuracy.

2001-2009's Most Out Of Place Item- Jess's Motor Scooter and Helmet

I'll admit this is awesome, but Jess never rode on one, sadly.

2010-2019's Most Out Of Place Item- Gabriela's Loft Bed

I swear, this was only in ONE SENTENCE of Gabriela's third book, and not mentioned at all in the other two. OK?

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