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What To Do If You Have A Product Idea For AG...

Admit it, we've all had ideas for AG in our lives. But they never take outside ideas. But what if your idea was so good that you NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE? Here's my tips for expressing your creativity to make your ideas became reality!

Accessories/Furniture: Get creative! Use tiny household items, cardboard and craft supplies to make the accessory of your dreams. Or if you want a custom big ticket item, like my dollhouse, you can always either ask your parents if they know someone that'll do it or you can do it yourself using a cardboard box! And you can always use a doll box for an American Girl bed!

Clothes: You don't have to be an expert seamstress to make your AG clothing dreams come true! You can buy blank doll shirts online and write on them, or you can go to American Girl's Create Your Own outfit maker and design the outfit of your dreams! If you do know how to sew, though? Use that skill. It's one not many people have.

Dolls: You can always get a Create Your Own, but there are many ways you can make a custom AG doll for less than $200! You can get an old doll and do a lot with it- add some 'makeup', rewig, eyeswap, even removing freckles is possible!

Or if customizing your doll isn't enough and you have a parent that's OK with it, you can always follow in my footsteps and start your own doll company. :)

What's your dream AG creation? Mine already came true with Special Dolls!

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