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American Girl Sales Drop 32%...

Well, it looks like the release date of the most highly anticipated superhero movie of the year* coinciding with Mattel's Quarter 1 results releasing didn't save American Girl from a bad quarter 1 of 2019.

American Girl's sales in quarter 1 of 2019 went down 32% from Quarter 1 of 2018, which according to the AGDN archive, went down 21% from Quarter 1 of 2017. The losses were due to Blaire not being a good seller, American Girl's age demographic growing up too fast and loss of interest.

I really hope American Girl turns around before it's too late! Sure, I'm also interested in Miraculous Ladybug, anime, writing and filmmaking- but I'm only a filmmaker because AG showed me how awesome it could be, and my life would be terrible without American Girl.

*- Please refrain from spoiling Endgame, or any other movie for that matter, on my blog, because as a filmmaker I find it highly offensive when someone spoils a movie because it spoils their craft.

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