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People Are Really Named Kirsten Larson? My American Girl Name Experiment

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

I found a website called How Many Of Me a long time ago. It's basically where you can look up any name and find out how many people in America have the name! I decided to try every American Girl doll and see how many people share names with the dolls.

-1074 people are named Elizabeth Cole!

-820 people are named Grace Thomas!

-303 people are named Emily Bennett!

-122 people are named Gwen Thompson!

-60 people are named Rebecca Rubin!

-57 people are named Lea Clark!

-53 people are named Julie Albright!

-27 people are named Caroline Abbott!

-17 people are named Isabelle Palmer!

-13 people are named Kirsten Larson! (Another fun fact about Kirsten: Brie Larson chose her stage last name partly because of Kirsten... and now she plays Captain Marvel, one of my favorite superheroes!)

-13 people are named Melody Ellison!

-10 people are named Josefina Montoya!

-9 people are named Nellie O'Malley!

-8 people are named Marisol Luna!

-7 people are named Lindsey Bergman!

-7 people are named Gabriela McBride!

-5 people are named Blaire Wilson!

-4 people are named Jess McConnell!

-4 people are named Logan Everett!

-3 people are named Molly McIntire!

-3 people are named Nicki Fleming!

-2 people are named Luciana Vega!

-1 person is named Ivy Ling!

-1 person is named Mia St. Clair!

-1 person is named Lanie Holland!

-1 person is named Cecile Rey!

-1 person is named Maryellen Larkin!

-1 person is named Suzie Yang, which is Z's full name!

Do you know anyone with the same name as an American Girl doll? I have classmates named Julie, Rebecca and Molly, my sister's friend is named Emily and my grandma's late sister was named Maryellen.

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