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How To Make A Girl of the Year!

Have you ever wondered how to make a Girl of the Year doll? Well, I figured out how to! Keep on reading to give birth to your very own GOTY!

1- First, give her a name. Take a common name, like Blair or Isabella, and change a few letters. Adding, changing or removing letters from the end is a good practice. Ta-da! A GOTY name.

2- What does she look like? Take your favorite Truly Me doll and change something, like the face mold, hair length or eye color. But if you are taking a doll of color, you don't even have to change anything. Just take her and make her your GOTY! And don't give her a disability. At all. Unless it's an invisible one that can be cured, like a stutter or a learning problem.

3- Give her a dress in your favorite color as her meet outfit.

4- Story time! You need these elements:

-An interest or hobby. Fine arts and animals always make for a perfect GOTY!

-A best friend. Give her a name like Ella, or one that starts with a T.

-Make something happen with your GOTY and her hobby.

-Make this the cause of a rift between your GOTY and Ella/T-whatever.

-Make them make up by the end of the meet book!

-And don't forget to put your GOTY by as many things remotely related to her story so you can sell them as products later!

That's it! Now you have a Girl of the Year! Ta-da!

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