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A History Of The Truly Me Pets

One of the coolest things about the Truly Me line is all the cool accessories you can purchase for your dolls- like outfits, beds and of course, the pets. But what started the whole Truly Me pet thing?

Let's go back to the year 2000. Me and my sister wasn't born, Girls of the Year weren't a thing, people were freaking out over the digit 1 changing to 2 on the date and Sailor Moon got its' third season dubbed... but with some censoring. Anyways, in 2000, a new face entered the Truly Me line (or American Girl of Today). His name was Coconut, a new toy Westie dog marketed to be every American Girl of Today doll's best friend. Wait. His? Yes. Coconut's gender changed a few times. I'll explain what gender they go by by incarnation!

2001. Lindsey was the Girl of the Year and my sister was born... and Coconut got a makeover. Now, she's a girl, and has a flower leash. That's literally it.