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Why Has American Girl Been Missing?

Like every year, American Girl started the year 2019 with a big bang: the release of GOTY 2019 Blaire Wilson. But it's been a while since January. In January, my secret TV series was just an idea, and now it might come to life. In January, a bunch of new animes came out, and today I started rewatching one of them for the second time. In January, the school year was halfway over, and I just took one of my final tests today. 143 days of 2019... and unless if you count the January 1 Blaire big bang, American Girl's done nothing notable this year.



But don't fret, everyone! There should be a new release next month, considering AG's release patterns. But were you wondering why American Girl has been M.I.A (no, not Mia St. Clair) for the past 5 months? Well, let me explain using everyone's favorite topic: U.S Presidents! Just kidding. I was being sarcastic, but this explanation will make more sense than if I just got straight to the point.

So as all my American friends probably know, a new president is elected every 4 years in the lovely month of November. If it's the same dude (or dudette but that hasn't happened yet), it's business as usual. But if it's a new dude, he (or she but again this hasn't happened yet) doesn't actually become president until January. So, what happens between November whatever date election day falls on and January 20?

It's known as the "lame duck" period. During this period, the outgoing president basically has no power because he knows that his successor will probably undo literally EVERYTHING. So he sits around and does nothing.

What does this have to do with American Girl, you may ask? When all the employees at AG HQ left for the holidays last year, Katy Dickson, the former AG CEO, left as well- and never came back! According to a press release, Jamie Cygielman's first day as AG's CEO was Monday. So this brought AG into kind of a lame duck period- where nothing was really happening.

Does this make more sense now?

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