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Doll of the Week: Alexis

Alexis is the Doll of the Week this week- the last Doll of the Week when I'm in middle school! My last day of school is Thursday, and then I'm almost in high school: I can't believe it, since I've been running this blog since the middle of elementary! Anyways, the Doll of the Week this week is Alexis!

I got Alexis for Christmas in 2018. She is Just Like You #10- a really rare find!

Alexis loves art, fashion design and puppies. She's a carefree girl who also loves movies and taking selfies, but she knows too well that she's lucky to have that peace since both her parents are in the military and she's living with her grandma. Despite that, Alexis knows how to have lots of fun and probably is the most daring out of all her friends!

Alexis hasn't been in any videos yet.

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