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American Girl Camp Day 1: How To Write An Awesome AG Doll Commercial!

Today was the first day of the American Girl camp I help out at every year! I had so much fun like usual, and even though there was only 2 girls, I had a great time and they were so nice! I can't wait for tomorrow!

I decided that I'd post what we do each day on here this year so you guys can have fun like me at home! I will be at camp all week this week, as well as Monday through Thursday next week at another location and another week in July if I can get a ride, so you'll get a lot of cool tips!

Today, the girls wrote commercials for the American Girl store. A commercial is always something we do every year, and it's either for their specific dolls or AG in general. If you wanted to write your own commercial, here's how!

First, to get inspiration, you can watch some real AG commercials. I showed the girls one before they wrote their own, but I'll link a couple here!

(You can also listen to AG music while writing- I played songs from the Girl of the Year movies, the AG Revue and Tenney all day today!)

2. Make a list about your favorite things about the doll you're writing about. For example, if I was writing a commercial about Blaire, this would be my list:

-Blaire has a lot of cute animals in her collection

-Her story deals with a lactose intolerance, something that is usually ignored in dolls

-She has pretty red hair which is fun to play with

-You can dress her up in a lot of different ways