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New Create Your Own Options!

Create Your Own now has more choices than ever!

There are now 3 more skin tones: very light, darker-medium and dark-dark.

But wait- is that a new outfit this doll has on?

It sure is! There are 2 more outfits for CYO dolls!

These are the Let's Create Outfit and Accessories. The outfit reminds me of Yuri Plitsetsky from Yuri on Ice a little bit... probably because I'm currently rewatching it for pride month!

This is the Let's Explore Outfit and Accessories. This outfit is, um, weird. I liked the old Let's Explore outfit better (which, by the way, is still available- the Let's Daydream outfit was retired instead)

This is the new Let's Celebrate Accessory set. I like this, but I'm glad I got the old set when I got my CYO!

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