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How Many Blond Haired Blue Eyed Classic Molds ARE THERE?

Before I start this post: well, about Doll of the Week... I didn't do anything yesterday because I went to another anime convention and was really tired once I got home (and I'm still sick oops...), so next week I decided I'll start over- but this time, I'll do a post about the history of the particular featured doll instead of their biography again and I'm going to do them in chronological release order.

Anyways, I was thinking- everyone says there's a lot of blond haired blue eyed Classic molds, so I decided, "you know what, what if I make a list of them all?" So, here we go!

1. Kirsten Larson- the original blond haired, blue eyed Classic Mold

2. Just Like You #3- she and Kirsten were the only ones released in the 20th century!

3. Kit Kittredge- also the first doll overall with freckles!

4. Just Like You #22- probably the first doll that pops up in people's mind when they think of that stereotype

5. Just Like You #27- the original version of this doll actually had non-removable earrings!

6. Just Like You #32- Just Like You #3's replacement, along with Just Like You #51

7. Just Like You #51- Just Like You #3's replacement, along with Just Like You #32

8. Just Like You #56- the first doll on this list with curly hair!

9. Caroline Abbott- seafoam eyes if you wanna get technical, but they're still blue

10. Just Like You #63- one of the first dolls to release under the Truly Me name

So, next time you rant about AG having too many blond haired, blue eyed Classic molds, remember that there are only 10 of them. If you include other face molds and eye colors... that's another story.

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