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Doll of the Week: Kirsten!

Now, the Doll of the Week posts will be at night instead of morning, because we're going all in on the history of your favorite American Girl dolls! This week's doll is Kirsten Larson from 1854!

Kirsten was released on September 14, 1986 as part of the original 3 dolls- the American Girls Collection- alongside Samantha and Molly. She has the Classic face mold, blond hair, and blue eyes. Her meet outfit is a blue dress.

Kirsten hails from Sweden, but she immigrated to America with her family: mother Greta, father Anders and brothers Lars and Peter, in order to help her uncle Olav on his farm. She was born on June 8, 1845.

*Please note I haven't read Kirsten's books in four years since I got them from my elementary school library so please don't complain if this is inaccurate, I'm just going off my memory and the Wiki! If I own the books of the dolls I'm blogging about that day, I'm going to reread them and watch their movie if they have one that day so their stories are fresh in my mind!*

Kirsten's first book was mostly about her journey by ship to America. It was hard, especially with the death of her friend Marta, but she and her family eventually made it to Minnesota. In Kirsten Learns A Lesson, she befriended a Native American girl named Singing Bird to find comfort during her first few weeks at school. In Kirsten's Surprise (my personal favorite of Kirsten's series), she and her dad went to town in a blizzard to get their belongings to celebrate the Swedish holiday of Saint Lucia's Day. In Happy Birthday, Kirsten, she deals with a new baby sister, Britta and chores while celebrating her first birthday in Minnesota. In Kirsten Saves The Day, she finds a bee tree full of honey, but has to face a bunch of bears in order to retrieve it and make her family proud. Finally, in Changes for Kirsten, poor Kirsten's farm burns down and she moves to a new house.

Kirsten retired in 2010- presumably to make room for Cecile and Marie-Grace from 1853, just one year before Kirsten.

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