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Updated: Dec 22, 2019

All the way back in February, I came up with an idea for a movie... but I wasn't sure if it would work with dolls due to it's heavier themes and sheer length, so I started the script in March in hopes that in college, I'd be able to film it. But last week, I realized that stop-motions didn't just HAVE to be 20 minutes at maximum or about things like mall trips or vacations... and so I decided that I'd push the boundaries a little bit... and make the movie with American Girl dolls!

So, here it is! The teaser poster for my next movie and my first feature, 'Rebelle'! (Shoutout to my sister for coming up with a title!)

"A world where 96 percent of the population aren’t considered human just because of the color of a wristband they’re forced to wear. While everyone else spends their days in peace, these people, the ‘Servers’, spend their days working hard for the government, the Authority’s, benefit, are paid a penny a day, suffer and are taught to love their oppressors- especially the tyrannical Commander who leads the Authority. If they don’t follow the rules, they could be jailed, or even worse, killed.

Sixteen year old Kierra Mitchell (Nanea) wants only one thing- freedom. Five years ago, the Authority took her parents, and she’s sick of wasting her life slaving away for the people who ruined her life. Kierra feels like she’s the only one who feels that way- until she hears another girl named Erika Anderson (Delilah, my #40) calling for a revolution against the Authority.

Once Kierra and Erika are jailed for voicing their true feelings, Kierra realizes that if she joins forces with Erika, the world may never be the same again. Escaping from jail one night, she frees Erika, and the two decide to rebel.

Kierra now finds herself as the bodyguard of the leader of her dream revolution, known as ‘Renegade’ to everyone else. But as more people join their cause, the feelings between Kierra and Erika grow stronger. Not only that, the Authority’s Security Force starts taking notice, and wonders who’s beneath the pseudonym. With all these emotions stirring, will the Servers be destined to slaving away forever- or will the rebels win?"

I'm so excited to make this! It's going to be a LOT of work making a full length AGSM, but a lot of fun too! (Don't worry- I still have to write the final draft of the script, so I'm going to make a lot of stopmotions and videos to post while I'm filming!)

Who's excited? Tell me your thoughts below!

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