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New Costco-Exclusive WellieWishers Sets!

There are now new Costco-exclusive WellieWishers sets for the holiday season! There are 2 sets:

One is without a doll: the Holiday Baking Set. This set combines the Elf Outfit, Gingerbread House Set and Apron Set for dolls and girls into one that costs $64.99 or cheaper at a Costco store starting September 4.

One comes with a doll: the (Insert Doll Name) Doll And Accessories set. There's options for all 5, but Emerson is pictured here because she's my favorite WellieWisher. (I've said Willa in the past, but after reading the books and watching the animated series it became Emerson ;)

The set comes with a doll, the Flutter Wings Doll Carrier and an exclusive pajama and sleepover set:

This is so cute! Too bad I have all the WellieWishers already... but then again, I barely use mine.

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