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Why Were The New American Girl Historical Character Books Abridged?

The question that has been on every American Girl fan's mind for weeks now is "why would they abridge the Historical Character books?" Well, I finally got the answer.

American Girl explained to me that the issue this change addresses goes all the way back to the Pleasant Company days: most customers were only buying two books and most bookstores were only offering two books. Obviously, this wouldn't work with the format of the six-book series- since most books were for a different aspect of the time period, people who only got 'Meet X' and 'X Learns a Lesson' would have no clue about four important aspects of life in the character's time period.

American Girl's first solution to this was what we all know as BeForever- a more mature two-book format that had 3 books in 1. But that attempt was less appealing to elementary-aged fans, who needed illustrations and the family portraits and the maps and Looking Back sections to understand the story more.

With this dilemma of needing illustrations and needing a two book format, American Girl was left with only one option: to cut out things that were less important to the historical era and to the main plot line of the book.

But don't fret, AG fans! American Girl is currently exploring ways to offer the cut out sections (such as Maryellen's Christmas story, Rebecca's Hanukkah story, Melody's housing story) in new formats so they will live on.

What do you think about this? At first, I was annoyed, but now that I know why I understand. It's easy to assume there's only 2 books for a doll if you're a parent who barely knows anything!

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