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American Girl New Release Part 1 Images!

I heard that some of the new stuff was at the American Girl store right as my dad was picking me up to watch me while my mom's at work, so he took me and I got some photos!

All the stuff isn't up yet- the employees told me they'd be gradually adding more from now until Monday. I'm visiting again on Saturday and Monday since it's a teacher workday, so more pictures will come then!


Updated Seaside Diner set with different chairs and more kitchen items and food- $350

Maryellen's Pretty Pink Outfit- $44 (I've noticed the outfits are more expensive now... probably because they're better quality?)

Julie's Christmas Outfit- $32

Julie's Christmas Fireplace- $75

Rebecca's Hanukkah Outfit- $42

Rebecca's Menorah and Dreidel Set- $50

Rebecca's Sabbath Set- $75

Rebecca's Parlor Table- $150

Melody's School Outfit- $40

Melody's Upright Piano- $150

Another photo of Maryellen's Pretty Pink Dress because I'm obsessed with it

Julie's Pajamas and Robe- $36

Julie's Pinball Outfit- $36

Julie's Pinball Machine- $150

Julie's Bedside Table and Shrug Rug-

Rebecca's Kittens- $?? Rebecca's Nightgown- $30

Julie's Bed- $??

Maryellen's Back to School Outfit- $36

Maryellen's Ready to Launch Rocket Set- $42

Maryellen's School Desk- $100


Snow Good To See You Outfit- $32

Cookie Baking and Decorating Set- $35

Warm Wishes Pajamas- $??

Bitty Baby Pajamas- ??

Wondrous Wishes Pajamas- ??

Let It Snow Winter Top- $12

Snow Graceful Ice Skates- $18

Snow Warm Winter Leggings Set- $15

Warm And Cozy Winter Hat and Shawl- $15

Winter Sparkles Skirt- $10

Snow Much To See Winter Vest- $18

Purr-fect Warm Winter Accessories- $10

Snow Much To Do Boots- $15

12 Days 'Til Christmas Set- $40

That's all the store had so far! There will be more goodies posted on Saturday and Monday.

The items are adorable, but one thing I noticed is they're more expensive. I personally think this is because of three factors: declining sales, AG's return to quality, and the new tariffs on Chinese goods. So blame coupon moms, kids who grow out of AG too fast and politicians for the price increase.