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How To Get American Girl's Exclusive Holiday Doll For Only $175

American Girl's three-of-a-kind holiday doll will cost $5,000- which is a crazy amount for just a doll. You could get FIFTY other American Girl dolls for that price. FIFTY. Twenty-five Create Your Owns, even. Speaking of Create Your Own... this post will be all about how I'm getting the holiday doll for $25, and you can do so, as well!

For reference, this is the doll:

For the doll, well... let's say American Girl revived an old face.


You can get Marisol on eBay for around $150, but I already own her!

For the outfit, I noticed the dress is very similar to the Gala Party Outfit from 2005, just modified and bedazzled a little. You can get the dress on eBay for $25.

If you desire, you can get some rhinestones and crystals at a craft store and bedazzle the outfit (and crown that comes with the Create Your Own doll).

And you're done! Ta-da: this is how you can get the American Girl Holiday Doll at a deep discount!

I'm going to be doing this for my Marisol- are you?

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