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You're getting 2 AGSM movies by me next year.

You're probably thinking, "Sydney, what the heck? You have Rebelle, which is a challenge in itself. Why are you making ANOTHER MOVIE?"

Well, here's where the explanation comes in. At first, Rebelle was going to be my only movie in 2020. Probably my last one for a while... until I got a Instagram message from my friend Ariana The Great.

She asked me if I could help on a project that was really dear to her, Stella 2. If you don't remember, Ariana wrote a Sophie Award-nominated AGSM movie last year called Stella, about a girl who defeated cancer. The filming was done by a girl named Brandi, or AG Kitten Love. I voiced a bully in the original named Mariela, and it was really fun! Well, they were planning to do a sequel, but sadly, Brandi passed away after a heart transplant failure back in January, so Ariana had to cancel. However, she decided to revive the project in Brandi's memory, but she needed someone to do the filming and editing and asked me.

At first, I was conflicted. I really wanted to do this for Ariana and in honor of Brandi, but I had another movie to make... a feature-length one, to be exact. So I asked her if she could do the script editing and voices now, and I would film in June after Rebelle was done and released. To my excitement, she said YES!

So I have two projects now! I'm really excited for both of them, but Stella 2 is really special to me because of Ariana and Brandi. You'll probably be able to watch it in July- wahoo!

Who's excited?

P.S: The Rebelle shoot will start in a few weeks- wish me luck!

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