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American Girl 1980's Historical Character Doll: Courtney Moore (RELEASING OCTOBER 2020!)

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Springsteen, Madonna

Way before Nirvana

There was U2 and Blondie

and music still on MTV...

American Girl's releasing a 1980's historical character next October! Her name will be Courtney Moore.

1980's may not seem historical, but Julie was released 31 years after 1976 (the latest events in her stories), and 1984 will be 36 years ago next year.

Here's a look at historical events around 1982-1986 to get an idea of what Courtney's stories may bring us:


-The Cold War is still raging

-The Commodore home computer was released

-The first computer virus was found

-The World's Fair is held in Knoxville, TN

-A rally against nuclear weapons is held in Central Park and attracts 750,000 people

-America joins the Lebanese Civil War

-Epcot opens in Disney World

-The U.S savings industry is deregulated

-The early 1980s recession ends

-The Vietnam Veterans Memorial opens

-Thriller, the highest-selling album of all time, releases

-E.T, the highest-grossing movie of the 80's, releases

-The Equal Rights Amendment fails to pass

-The first emojis were posted

-The first International Day of Peace is held


-The Internet is invented

-The first cell phone call occurs

-A dixoin-infected community, Times Beach, Missouri, is evacuated by the EPA

-The last episode of M*A*S*H airs, setting a record for most TV viewers that has not yet been broken

-Michael Jackson introduces the moonwalk

-Disney Channel launches

-A schoolgirl named Samantha Smith is invited to the Soviet Union after Soviet leader Yuri Andropov received a letter from her against nuclear war

-The third Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi, releases

-The Midwest is hit with a drought

-Sally Ride becomes the first American woman in space

-The GPS is announced to become available for civilian use

-Vanessa L. Williams becomes the first African-American Miss America

-The last nuclear scare of the Cold War is held

-AT&T is founded

-The Chicken McNugget is released


-The first Martin Luther King Jr day is held

-Plastic Love by Mariya Takeuchi is released (not important to Courtney, but important to me!)

-The Mac computer is released

-The first untethered space walk happens

-TED talks are created

-The US pulls out of the Lebanese Civil War

-President Ronald Reagan calls for a international ban on chemical weapons

-The AIDS virus is discovered

-The Soviet Union boycotts the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics

-Tetris is released

-Ghostbusters and The Terminator are released

-Beverly Burns becomes the first female Boeing 747 captain

-Ronald Reagan jokes that he signed legislation that will 'ban Russia forever'

-Jeopardy begins airing

-Happy Days is cancelled

-Ronald Reagan wins re-election

-Minivans are created

-And a lady named Pleasant Rowland started thinking of an awesome idea...


-The charity single We Are The World is recorded

-William J. Schroeder became the first artificial heart patient to leave the hospital

-The Maxxum 700, the first autofocus single-lens camera, is released

-New Coke is released... and discontinued.

-44 tornadoes hit America and Ontario

-The Discovery Channel launches

-Route 66 is decommisioned

-Back To The Future is released

-Live Aid concerts are held to raise money for the Ethiopian famine... and Queen kills it.

-Samantha Smith (remember the girl who wrote to the Soviet Union in '83?) dies in a plane crash

-The first smoking ban in a restaurant is passed

-The wreck of the Titanic is found

-Super Mario Bros releases

-The first Nintendo system releases in America

-The first version of Windows is released


-American Girl was founded!

-Green Day is created

-The first PC virus, Brain, spreads

-Pixar is founded

-The Senate outlaws genocide and allows its debates to be televised

-A hacker known as Captain Midnight hacks HBO

-5 million people form a human chain from New York to California to raise money to fight hunger and homelessness

-The Statue of Liberty celebrates its centennial

-Fox is launched

-The first 3D printer is sold

There's a lot that AG can do with this! I'm excited for an 80's doll... but this will make my parents feel old... my mom is Courtney's age now.

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